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EarthBound on Retronauts

Anyone who reads my poorly-maintained blog will know that I am a fan of EarthBound. This week’s Retronauts Podcast is about one of the greatest RPGs of all time: It’s just cool to hear people talk highly about a … Continue reading

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What ya reading? Legends of Localization

Always worth a read is Legends of Localization. It’s a collection localization details for games that were brought into the US from Japan. It’s mostly classic games, and it details a lot of the changes that were made in the … Continue reading

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild could be the refresh the series needs

Nintendo just revealed a good three minutes (and a bunch more gameplay during its Treehouse videos) of footage from its upcoming Legend of Zelda game, titled Breath of the Wild. Much like Link Between Worlds was, this seems like a … Continue reading

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Sometimes, all you have are your memories. So hold on to the good ones. Ya know?

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Two books I am currently reading

Here are two great books I am currently reading: TCP/IP Guide This one is a monster. It’s around 1500 pages, and covers just about everything you need to know about TCP/IP. (Link) NMAP Network Scanning I recently started learning NMAP. … Continue reading

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Castlevania II Memories

As an 80s kid whose first gaming system was the NES, it’s easy to look back at awful games and remember them fondly. One such game is Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. The game’s themes were a departure from much of … Continue reading

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