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My Cat is a Douche

This is Bruce. He’s  a jerk. He scratches up the furniture. When someone tells you that declawing your cat is cruel, tell them to kiss your ass. Bruce also wakes me up at four in the morning almost every morning, … Continue reading

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Check out Anime Your Way

  RawMeat Cowboy, the fellow who runs GoNintendo, recently launched an anime blog. Nice place for discussion. Worth checking out: Anime Your Way

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First Gaming Memories

Those of us who are products of the 80s likely grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). My generation was born just after the Atari crashed and burned, so that console and its successors didn’t exist to us. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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A Look into the Future of Uncharted

    Tim Moss of Sony Santa Monica, the studio known for the God of War series, tweeted an image of Naughty Dog’s releases on past PlayStation consoles. Could this mean that Nathan Drake’s next adventure will involve Mario Kart-style racing? … Continue reading

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Working Hard With BYTE

You know, this MarsEdit thing may actually make it easier to keep up with this blog. I’ve been crazy busy these last few months as I prepare for BYTE’s launch. Right now, it’s a lot of editing and prepping stuff … Continue reading

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