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The Making of an AVGN Episode

I caught this a few days ago. It’s interesting to see how much work goes into a single episode of AVGN. Even the most basic episodes have so much to them that you have to appreciate what the guy does. … Continue reading

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Published in BYTE

Here’s my first real published piece in BYTE. Yeah, I know it says Information Week, but that’s going to be the case for a while as we’re still in beta. If you’re ready to hear me gush about Spotify and … Continue reading

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BYTE Is Back.

  BYTE is back. It’s still in beta and is just part of Information Week at this point. I hope it gets some recognition and some of my stuff gets published. Link

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Cinema Strange

  Music from my college days.

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This Guy Has a Lot of PS2 Games

  Supposedly, he has the entire NTSC PlayStation 2 library (I’m not around to count them, nor would I want to.). It’s sealed, too. [PlayStation Collecting via NeoGAF]

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Last Night’s Dream

I had a pretty awesome dream last night. I was riding on a school bus through a dystopian, Road Warrior-like landscape. I was the only passenger, and had lots of guns. Samuel L. Jackson was the driver. We were being chased … Continue reading

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Gears 3

It’s a bummer that Gears of War 3 was leaked so far ahead of schedule. Who wants to play unfinished, buggy code? Best of luck to the folks at Epic with getting this resolved. [Via Save and Quit]

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