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Surprised? Please.

I’m surprised how quickly people seem to forget this. Here’s Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton saying that pretty much every major Zelda game gets delayed. It’s something that seems to be completely missed in this ZeldaInformer Facebook thread. Advertisements

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Tyler’s Trip to Thailand

My friend recently went to Thailand. Here are pictures from that adventure. (All photos used without any sort of permission. Visit his site at

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Some of my favorite games of all time

Just a list I felt like putting together. I’m sure I left some out, but these are the games I keep coming back to: 1) The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker 2) EarthBound 3) Final Fantasy 7 4) Metal Gear Solid … Continue reading

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I think this edited video is actually a little easier to take seriously than the original.

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Shot on iPhone 6

Pretty cool gallery shot on iPhone at Apple’s website.

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