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Worth checking out: The Gaming Historian

I recently stumbled onto a YouTube channel for The Gaming Historian. I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve read a lot of book on the history of videogames, so there is quite a bit I’ve already learned about. Still, he has … Continue reading

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Some of my favorite games of all time

Just a list I felt like putting together. I’m sure I left some out, but these are the games I keep coming back to: 1) The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker 2) EarthBound 3) Final Fantasy 7 4) Metal Gear Solid … Continue reading

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First Gaming Memories

Those of us who are products of the 80s likely grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). My generation was born just after the Atari crashed and burned, so that console and its successors didn’t exist to us. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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