It doesn’t take much to start an Apple rumor

It doesn’t take much to start an Apple rumor.

I enjoy following Apple news, but sometimes I’m concerned with how willing many are to run a rumor without really looking into it. All it takes in an analyst, or a leaked part to send shockwaves through the internet.

It reminds me of my early days of writing about videogames. I’d often run with random rumors, even if they didn’t seem entirely plausible, or make sense. This was just becuase I wanted to be one of the first to post it.

It’s not unusual now to see a site post a rumor then update that post just to retract it.

I’ll admit that it’s hard with the blog culture. Everyone is racing to be the first, and people put that ahead of checking with contacts or using common sense.

A great example of this was a recent rumor of a PlayStation 4 slim. For some reason, news of that console got around. Some speculated that it would make an appearance at E3.

That rumor’s a little hard to believe. The PS4 phat is still a relatively new system. Maybe it’s something we’ll see in a year or two.

Today I saw a rumor about Apple holding an event later this month. Several sites ran with it. I can’t say for sure that I wouldn’t have done the same. There are benefits, even when you’re wrong. For one, it does bring traffic. Sites need traffic. Then it’s easy to update or throw up a second post saying that the rumors aren’t true. I’ve been guilty of both in the past. Sometimes, it’s excitement. Sometimes, you know it’s stupid, but you know that people will read it.

When it happened to me, I got to the point that I did my best to be honest about it. If I really didn’t think it was happening, I’d say something. Sometimes I was wrong. Other times I was right.

I don’t have any inside sources at Apple. There’s nobody to tell me when my speculation is wrong or right.

In the end, it’s fun either way. I guess it’s because I enjoy technology news.

‘night, friends.

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