Working With BYTE

Hello my legions of loyal readers. Okay, so I think one or two people read my blog (Hi Mom!). Lately, I’ve been working hard with the relaunch of BYTE. Some may remember BYTE Magazine. It’s back, and it’s coming back as a website. It’s going to be part of UBM TechWeb.
The awesome Gina Smith is leading the way and we are working hard to make it a very awesome site. You can check it out here ( There’s not a lot to look at yet, because it’s still pre-launch.

Also, for some reason WordPress won’t is being weird and not allowing me to space out my paragraphs. Sorry about that. It may just be a Safari issue. (edit: But for some reason it worked with this last paragraph no matter how many times I re-edit or retype that first section. Oh well.)

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