Won’t You Take Me Out to E3?

Me and Itagaki

Me and Itagaki

E3 2011 is approaching fast, and I recently found out that they won’t be letting the small guys in this year, thanks to tighter restrictions put on by the ESA. Seems I have to be part of a major outlet to be considered this time around. Despite writing for several sites, including an awesome iPhone blog, getting to into E3 will be a challenge. Unfortunately, being tied to iOS makes it much harder to gain access to the major press conferences and secure meetings with the larger publishers. Simply put, chances of getting accepted this year are slim. Luckily, I happened to stop by blog site Joystiq and found that KmartGamer is sending three lucky bloggers to the biggest industry event of the year. If chosen to cover E3 for the site, I can finally secure the meetings and interviews I need—try that with Geek.Magnifico, a site that gets five to 10 daily visits.

Phil Harrison, E3 2008

I can take pictures of important people

Three years into my career in covering interactive entertainment, I’ve written for outlets such as GamePro, Gamasutra’s GameCareerGuide and Play Magazine Online (R.I.P.). Unfortunately, I have never been given the chance to become a regular at a major publication. Even then, I continue to write on a daily basis for eight to 10 hours a day (I can have my editors vouch for me on that one if you think this is a fib).

Some of my proudest moments include discovering various patent applications and trademark filings for BrokeMyController.com. Some of those findings have been featured by all the major websites and blogs, such as Kotaku, Gizmodo, Engadget, 1up and GameInformer. “Sure,” you say, “anyone can do that.” Fair enough, but how many can say that they’ve been bashed by NeoGAF? It’s an honor that puts me in the ranks of many of the greats who cover, and work within, the videogame industry today. How’s that for experience?

Worthless Journalists

NeoGAF love!

I also launched a gaming and tech column in a local publication, which caused others to quickly follow suit. That gig eventually led to a job with the newspaper covering city events and meetings. The experience gained from that has put me in the unique position of working in the field of journalism through both the online and the print world, and has helped me gain the ability to write news in a clear, concise way that the reader can understand quickly and easily.

Other than that, I once had a dream that I met Brian Crecente and was offered a job, but I don’t think dreaming about a job counts as experience. Regardless, it was awesome. Of course waking up that morning was a disappointment, but it just means I have to keep trying and eventually make that dream a reality. If I can prove that I have what it takes, maybe someone will pick me up one day. Of course that takes a lot of hard work, so if I do get my chance to go to E3, I won’t be screwin’ around. I’ll probably hit up Nintendo’s booth to see what new stuff they plan to roll out for the 3DS through the second half of 2011.

After visiting the folks at Nintendo, I may head on over to Sony’s booth and hope for some hands-on with the NGP. By the way, think you can score me an interview with Hideo Kojima? I hear he’s planning something interesting, and I’d like to ask him a few questions about it.

Speaking of Kojima, maybe Microsoft will have Metal Gear Solid: Rising at their booth. We’ve seen it two years in a row, and both times Microsoft has been the one to show it off. Then there’s Gears of War 3, which will be well into development, and is likely to be very playable by then.

It’s also worth talking to some of the smaller publishers like XSEED. They localize some great stuff, but they rarely get the attention they deserve. Publishers like these keep things fresh in an industry that’s filled with high-budget AAA shooters. Every genre has it’s place, and I’d hate to see some of the lesser-appreciated titles disappear due to lack of support.

Maybe I can grab a snippet of information before everyone else and have that awesome scoop I’ve always wanted. It will also be nice to make some more PR contacts along the way. Most importantly, I can have more than two people read my writing.

If nothing else, going to Los Angeles would give me a chance to catch some In-N-Out, which we don’t have deep in down South Texas (yet) and some Pink’s Hot Dogs. My favorite is the Lord of the Rings dog with bacon. See? I’m already trying to plan.

8-Bit Jay
That’s me!


You can reach me at: 8BitJay(at)Gmail(dot)com

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  1. The Salms says:

    That’s BS man you should be let in.

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